Dallas Carpet Cleaning Services

TDJ Restoration provides a variety of services to get your carpets back to brand-new condition.

Carpet Cleaning Services

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Seem Repair
  • Patching
  • Replacement

Our Dallas Carpet Cleaning experts understand that keeping your carpet clean and odor-free is an essential part of your home or office’s aesthetic. If your building has had damage from water or a fire, getting the carpets thoroughly cleaned by competent professionals is an imperative piece of restoring the structure to its original condition. If you get everything looking nice again but your carpets still reek of smoke or show water stains, your place will never truly feel clean. Whether you’ve experienced a fire or flood or your carpets have just become dirty over months or years of use, call TDJ Restoration today and we will get them looking and smelling new again.

Cutting Edge Equipment

Dallas’ Most Effective Carpet Cleaning

TDJ Restoration uses what is commonly referred to as “steam cleaning”, but in the industry it is known as hot water extraction. Not only does the hot water extraction method do an outstanding job of cleaning and freshening your carpet, but it is also gentle on the carpet and helps it maintain its integrity over the long term. Many carpet manufacturers recommend the hot water extraction method for cleaning their carpets. The hot water extraction method works great for general cleaning of large areas as well as targeted stain removal.

Carpet Repair and Replacement

If your carpet has been soiled or damaged beyond the point of cleaning, TDJ Restoration can also both repair and replace sections of carpet. We can perform seem repair in cases where a carpet seem has been separated, such as when a dog tears up the carpet near a doorway. We can also perform re-stretching if your carpet has become wavy and loose on your floor. In many cases, carpet that has been submerged in water can be repaired, and we can also patch carpet when a small area has been destroyed.

Restore First

Our mission is to Restore  Your Carpets

TDJ Restoration is a restoration company, and therefore our objective is always to look at the job from a restore-first perspective. We don’t rush to throw away and replace your carpet when there is a potential to clean and restore it to like-new condition.

Why We Do Carpet Cleaning and Restoration

Carpet Cleaning and Restoration is Our Passion

Our team of Dallas Carpet Cleaning and Restoration experts genuinely love what we do. We share a team philosophy that “it’s not every day you get to be a superhero and go out and save people”. When people call us, they are often very stressed or scared about the loss of or damage to their property, and nervous about how much it is going to cost them. The feeling of taking those people and seeing them happy again when they see their property restored is our biggest motivation. We don’t work for the insurance companies, and we don’t work for ourselves. At the end of the day, we work for our customers and that is who we are here to please. We are more than happy to be flexible outside of normal business hours and offer quick and speedy response and arrival times to make sure that our customers have the smoothest and least stressful carpet cleaning and restoration experience possible.

From Our Customers

”Thank you so very much for your outstanding service!! The crew was very polite to us and we are astounded at the amount of work that was done in one day. Our wind damage was extensive and now our home looks amazing. You guys went over and above on the quality of the work and we appreciate you very much. I have a stack of your company cards and will be more than happy to refer more of my friends, family and co-workers to your company. Thanks again and keep up the good work!”

- Brandon H. -Austin, TX, St. David's Medical Center

“We were surely blessed when we were referred to your company. We have never seen a project handled with such speed, care, and professionalism. Derek did an amazing job of taking care of our home and we appreciate the training that you give to your project managers. We will refer our family and friends to you and pray for your continued success. Thank you!"


- Austin and Carmon S. -Dallas, TX, United States Armed Forces, Retired







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